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#1013: We Don’t Need Another Hero

April 21, 2015

Notes from the Manager

In case you didn’t stop by earlier this week, there will be three strips this week because this and the last one were so easy to draw. (I sort of miss these kinds of strips, but when I’m tied up with a storyline, they can feel a bit incongruous.)

Anyway. Most of this stuff Jason mentions is well-known, but Daredevil’s official season two renewal, the Mockingbird and Hunter-focused spin-off of Agents of SHIELD and the possible third show by John Ridley are all recent news. In fact, I posted this earlier than I had planned because I got tired of updating the dialogue to reflect new announcements. (Jason doesn’t mention Agent Carter, because that show is almost certainly not coming back for a second season. And let’s not get pedantic about whether those shows count as superhero shows; they’re in the MCU, so they count as much as Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor do.)

Between Daredevil going live on Netflix, the Ant-Man trailer, the Batman v Superman trailer, and the Fantastic Four trailer — not to mention all the usual TV shows and (obviously non-superhero but geek friendly) Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and Rogue One news, the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for nerds. Everybody’s gonna have a different opinion about all of it, of course. Me, I loved Daredevil, am excited for Ant-Man, I’m skeptical of BvS (too “grim and gritty” for me — I was a ’90s kid; I’m over that), and I’m cautiously optimistic about Fantastic Four.

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